How You Can Save Lives

                      Almost everyone has the capability to save lives.

Yes, the potential to save the life of another human being rests in your hands.

Before I tell you more, I would like you to think about all the things that you enjoy doing or have enjoyed during in your life.  

                      Maybe its the memory of watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love


                        Or inhaling the delicious fragrance of a dew studded flower 

What about the time you had a picnic in the park with your family?

Or the first time you went to school?


Life is full of amazing experiences. It can be a hard journey with disappointments and heartache, but there are always things that make you look back and smile.  

Life is precious beyond words. 

It is also not fair. 

Some people are blessed with a full long life, while others have their  life cut off prematurely. 

My younger sister was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy when she was 17. She died two months later waiting for the heart transplant that never came. 

I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy further on in the same year. My condition had only begun two years ago while my sister had been living with cardiomyopthy most of her life. I was put on medication for my heart and implanted with an ICD (pacemaker/defibrillator) and told that if I stayed healthy, I should be able to continue just fine. 

After I had been implanted with my ICD device, I knocked one of the wires out of place by slamming a car door on my chest. The four hour surgery to replace the wire went really well and I ended up only staying in hospital for three days and two nights. While I was in the ward, I met another person with cardiomyopathy. She was twenty-three. 

The night she was wheeled in, the nurses were preparing her for a heart transplant. It all felt so familiar. My sister had been prepared twice for a heart transplant so I knew what was going to happen. Then, lying behind the curtain I heard those deviating words.  

I was really sad for her. The two times we thought my sister was going to have a transplant was Traumatizing, The feelings of fear, excitement, and hope for the future surge through you, growing in strength and intensifying with every breath and every arduous
  second that goes by on the clock. 

then to have it all crushed by one tiny sentence is almost unbearable. 

When I was leaving the hospital for home, I said goodbye to the brave young women. "It was nice meeting you." I said, "I really hope you get a heart soon." I never saw her again after that but I hope she found a heart which was the perfect match. 

To answer simply... 

Organ donation is so important. This has been demonstrated in my own life and in the life of countless others from around the world. 

We were made to only live on this earth for a certain amount of time. This is nature. But through our passing we can give life. 

You can give that kid the chance the finish school, you can allow a mother to be able to spend more time with her family, you can let a Grandparent enjoy their Grandchildren and give life to the person who just wants to live.  

Organ donation isn't just restricted to the heart, by donating your other organs more people can be saved. All the things that make you look back on your life and smile, you are giving people the chance to experience those things and smile too. 

and I think there is almost nothing else you can do  which is as exciting as that. 

 - the-average-cyborg-girl

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