I've been told they've found a heart!

I'm on my way up to the hospital for a heart transplant. I can't believe its really happening after all this time.

And I'm afraid...

But also I'm thankful

but mostly afraid.

I'm thankfulaid... or maybe afunkful

(Sorry, my sense of humor gets worse when I'm stressed)

2016 was meant to be a good year, I have been feeling so well and doing so many new things. I've begun University  (for two whole days) and I've felt so happy and healthy that for the past little while I've been thinking that maybe I don't want a heart trandplant, that maybe I could remain as I was for ever and not worry about ICU and hospital gowns for the rest of my days.

I couldn't have stayed on the MVad (my mechanical heart pump) for more than a few years however I felt about it. I new heart os what I need, nothing else can stand in itx place in the long run.

I wish I didn't have to have a heart transplant, I wish I was like my friends who didn't need to worry about things like this. I am very thankful that I can have this transplant even though at the moment I'd rathet almost do aything else. I hope my transplant goes smoothly and that my kidneys stay strong. I hope that before I know it I'll be out of hospital and breathing in the salt air by the sea.

- the-average-cyborg-girl

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