Back On The Heart Transplant List (and some reflections)

Today I peeled back the silver foil of a tasty slab of dark, orange chocolate, snapped off a sizable chunk and melted it against the red flames that danced and swirled in the ash filled fireplace. As my fingers grew sticky I reflected upon my past two months in hospital.

 I reflected upon waking up in ICU with a strange little machine attached to a coloured wire that poked out of my stomach, I reflected upon my kidneys nearly failing and how I almost needed dialysis, I reflected upon my brother pushing me in a wheel chair to watch the fish swimming in their tank at the end of the hallway, I reflected upon the kindness of the Doctors and nurses and I reflected upon all the times I looked out my bedroom window at the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and the sunlight glinting on a small sliver of blue water.

Staying six weeks in hospital was an interesting experience and it really did teach me a lot of things.

It was about a month before I was able to go outside in the wheel chair and sit in the park across the road. I'm the type of person who loves the outdoors so after being cooped up for so long the feeling of the beautiful sun and wind on my face was incredible. I have learnt to be grateful for everything and to see each moment as something wonderful.

It is two months since I had open heart surgery and received a "mechanical heart" (MVad) and four and a half weeks since I left the hospital. The time has gone by so slowly and so quickly that I can scarcely believe it. I am different now that I've had the surgery. I can breath on my back, walk around round with out feeling completely rubbish, eat food and do a whole lot of other fun stuff.

But now that I'm feeling better, something else has occurred...

* drumroll *

I'm back on the heart transplant list!



It is exciting but also pretty scary too

I don't know what else to really write for this post, to finish I've added a photo of me that I found on the Hospital's Facebook page.

(P.S, I'm the one with the long hair)

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