I'm home from hospital! (And I got on television)

After six weeks I'm finally free! Hooray for sheep, flowers, fresh air and pet cats and time spent reading books by the fire. Being home is just the greatest, I feel so thankful for every little thing!

My new mechanical pump device thingy is kind of awesome and it was featured on the news (and I was on too!) 

I'm the girl with the long hair and black t shirt who looks really nervous. If you want to check it out, click the link below!


Now that I'm getting better I can post more. Stay tuned for new stories about living with a MVad, waiting to be put back on the heart transplant list and lots of Cardiomyopathy heart stuff. 

Thank you for stopping by The Average Cyborg, hope to see you soon :) 

- the-average-cyborg-girl