I have a " mechanical heart " (MVad)

Right now I'm sitting in a chair hooked up to an IV with a tub of half finished yogurt sitting before me in a hospital room. I have been here for almost six weeks and such a lot has happened. A little while ago I was put on the heart transplant list (I even made a post about it) but I only lasted three days before my sickness had progressed to such an extent that somthing had to be done.

I became more of a cyborg than ever

I am now the owner of a "mechanical heart"

I was the first in Australia and third in the world to be gifted one of these life saving devices.

LVads have been around for a while but these are smaller, easier to use and have a lot of upgrades. Its pretty cool with a touch screen and smiley faces and everything. A wire goes into my heart, comes out of my stomach and is attached to the controller and batteries.

When I'm out of hospital (hopefully soon!) I'll write more about my experiences and the amazing peice of technology which is the MVad.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Average Cyborg! When I feel a bit better and have escaped hospital regular posting will resume.