Organ Donation video

 I was searching for a quote to post today when I stumbled upon a beautiful video which I just had to share on The Average Cyborg.

This actually made me cry and holds such a wonderful message about the difference we can all make in the lives of others (plus it has a cute dog, what's not to love?)

- the-average-cyborg-girl

I Need A Heart Transplant

A week ago I sipped a bit of my strange tasting, lukewarm hot chocolate on a plumpy chair in a hospital waiting room and knew that something was different. I remember a time when I would look people in the eye and tell them I felt completely healthy, that despite my heart condition I was symptom free and strong. It's been awhile since those days. Simple things like climbing stairs, finishing dinner, walking around the shops and finding the energy to do anything other than read or sleep have become pretty hard. I knew my condition was getting worse, I just didn't know how bad it actually was.

So, as I waited with my unfinished, rapidly cooling beverage, I prepared myself for news which I guessed I probably wouldn't like and fixed my eyes on the brightly coloured fish getting their smudgy tank cleaned before me. 
I actually don't know how to begin this post, I've been trying for about a week or so but for some reason it's just not coming together. What I have to write about is difficult for me and has changed my life for ever.

I need a heart transplant

Life is a strange journey, you can plan as much as you like but sometimes things turn out completely different to what you imagined. It feels like things such as heart transplants or cancer happen to far away people on the edges of whispers or in books or in statistics on the internet, it could never come to me. 

but it does 

And when it does, I find that there is only one thing you can do, one thing to get you through...

That thing is hope

Its extremely difficult and sometimes not always achievable but as the saying goes "When there's life there's hope" and it's true. Hope lifts our eyes up from the shadows and shines a light that pierces through even the deepest darkness. 

The next couple of weeks are going to be full of health check-ups, adjusting to new medication and lots of uncertainty. During this time I want to take this blog in a slightly new direction. I've decided to use a lot of upcoming posts on The Average Cyborg to document my heart transplant journey. I will post updates on my health, write about check-ups, hospital visits and my experiences in recovery. I've also decided to post two times a week instead of three, every Wednesday and Saturday. 

I will post again on Wednesday and write something more substantial, at the moment I'm sitting in my leopard print pajamas with my cat curled on my lap and I feel the overpowering need to finish my book. 

Thank you for stopping by The Average Cyborg! 

- the-average-cyborg-girl