The Average Cyborg is back!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been in hospital (but now I'm free!) and my computer screen cracked. But now The Average Cyborg is back on! I'm in the middle of making a new post about my hospital adventures ( I flooded the bathroom) and will make it live in the next day or two. 

-  the-average-cyborg-girl 

Hello, I'm stalling

This is a pointless post to say hello to the person who is reading this right now...

keep being awesome and have a fabulous day!

A cool post is coming up soon, I promise 

Well, you couldn't describe any of my post as cool but lets just say it will be much longer than this one with better pictures, a story and a bit of violence. 


-  the-average-cyborg-girl 

I'm going to be hospitalized, hooray! (insert sarcasm)

I haven't posted anything in a while, I'll fully explain in another post but right now I need to make it quick because I'm just about to be dragged off to the worst place on the entire planet.

I'm going to hospital for a couple of days!

this fills my soul with fury... 

For the last week and a half my blood pressure has been completely psycho. The lowest its been is 69/38 which made me feel like I'd been run over by a garbage truck. So off to hospital in an attempt to give my heart a break and keep me from fainting. 


-   the-average-cyborg-girl